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Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Greg Cutler

For the past 7 years, I’ve been at Arceo.ai and Apple as a senior designer on visually stunning and functionally excellent user interfaces for big data reporting. This includes designing interaction and visual design for complex report generating apps for desktop, iPad, and iPhone, report retrieval apps, data visualization tools, dashboards, data manipulation tools, source creation tools, documentation websites, style guides, icons, logos, and advising other teams on the same.

After extensive research of what the users expect, I sketch up ideas using my iPad in InVision Freehand, so that collaborators can offer feedback. Once those drawing are vetted with shareholders, I move to high resolution Sketch pages that use a Design System library that I build and maintain in-house. Those pages are synched to InVision where interactions are added to create prototypes. Once those prototypes are vetted by stakeholders, I hand them off, in a meeting, to the developers. The final redline drawings are uploaded to Zeplin for pixel perfect reference. Anything that is considered a reusable component is documented in InVision DSM and discussed with all stakeholders to refine the design system.

My responsibilities at Arceo and Apple included influencing key strategy and execution decisions on the functionality of our web apps by collaborating with Product Management, Web Development, Marketing, and Engineering. My ability to guide stakeholders towards a human-centered experience resulted in the creation of iTunes Connect Sales and Trends.

While working for California State University, I spent 8 years developing my skills in HTML, CSS, and User Centered Design.

I’m able to work within brand guidelines, or create them from scratch as needed. 

I like Old Fashioneds (cocktail), gardening, good food, architecture, nature, hiking, cycling, sailing, and craft beer.